"I will always be a huge Ann Wixon fan. One smart, talented, fully alive woman!" 

-Gary Bencivenga

"Ann Wixon is a unique talent. She's a world class marketer, a fantastic writer...and then she can be the star of any show, whether on the radio, TV or the web. Most people would love to have one of those areas of expertise--she's got them all!"

-Brian Kurtz, EVP, Boardroom Inc.

"Ann, I have experienced nothing but top-notch copywriting from you. Your salesmanship, professionalism, creativity, outside-the-box ideas, and consistent reliability is outstanding. You simply over-deliver the goods and have a knack for finding the "hook" that persuades people to convert from visitors to buyers! I am honored to consider you a good friend, and I highly recommend you to anyone (so long as they treat you right! :^)."

 ~ Joe Barton, Barton Publishing

"We love working with Ann and couldn't recommend her higher! She's a brilliant copywriter, extremely prompt and responsive, and always a pleasure to work with. If you're looking for a copywriter that really knows how to convey your message, and is passionate about doing so - look no further - Ann is the one for you!"

-Chad Tackett & Kim Lyons


"Ann is a great creative - she brings energy, experience, and best of all results to campaigns. When you look for an online direct marketing creative/copywriter you want one that understands the importance of the metrics – Ann gets it. She was a pleasure to partner with and I look forward to working with her in the future."

-Rohan Kumar

Online Marketing Consultant, Momentum Mechanics 

"Ann Wixon is without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable colleagues I work with. From day one, Ann has been professional yet approachable. She is always open to new ideas and quickly catches the vision of what is possible. Her sense of humor makes every interaction a pleasure, infusing a sense of fun to the mix. Plus, I love the dynamic she brings to discussions on marketing. It’s a powerful catalyst for innovation and creativity. She’s a gem!"


-Tina Lorenz

Tina Writes

"Sophisticated, bold, strategic, eloquent, polished...these are a few words that describe Ann Wixon. In a world of copywriter-wannabe's, Ann is the real deal. When you work with her on a project, there is one thing for certain: you will get highly original, throroughly researched, spot on, top notch, results oriented creative."

-Linda Werner

Vice President, Healthy Directions, LLC

"As I talked with Ann about (the project), her insights and enthusiasm were infectious.  In particular, it was impressive that her skills go well beyond simply the creativity involved in the writing and conceptualizing, but include a fascination with the metrics that are so important in online commerce." 

-Randall Wilkinson, MD, CEO

Trienelle Skincare, Inc.