An appreciation of our own unique abilities---Beautifully written, heart-warming story.

   This is a beautifully written, heart-warming story. The author has done a superb job of conveying some core fundamental life principals and mixed it with adventure and humor. I wish that when I was a younger I had read these kinds of stories that made me recognize and appreciate my own unique abilities and how they they showed up in my life. I had to learn those later on in life.


   This story is all about the true appreciation of our own essence. What a wonderful little gem of a story that is big on impact. I would absolutely recommend this book to both adults and young adults. There's something in all of us that we can recognized in the characters. Bravo and well done!!

A Fable For Our Times


   I have struggled with a learning disorder my whole life and after years of the stigma associated with it, I found a way, as an adult, to use it to my advantage.


   With Devon in Disney, Ann Wixon has given kids a way to feel empowered instead of embarrassed. And she has done it with a charming tale of self awareness in a style tailored for the very children she's writing about.


   This book is not just for those with dyslexia, but for anyone who's been made to feel that they don't quite "fit in."

A super fun read that will help any child realize that ...

A super fun read that will help any child realize that sometimes the thing that makes you different is really the thing that makes you special! I can’t wait to share this with my daughter!